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  • Finding leads / databases

    Finding Leads & Databases

    Most businesses are too busy dealing with the day-to-day challenges of their businesses to find the time to cultivate and win new customers BUT most businesses simply won't survive if they are not continually seeking out new customers.......


    If you want new customers and clients, but you don’t have the time and energy to spend marketing, æ marketing solutions can help by:


    1.  First identifying your target market and the unique solution your product or service has to offer.

    2.  Schedule times for specific marketing tasks, such as making cold calls, attending networking events – but always be on the look out for new markets.

    3. Helping you to seek out informal partnerships with other local businesses that can recommend you to prospective clients.

    4.  Let friends, colleagues, and family members know you are actively seeking new clients and offer incentives to them for recommending you, eg vouchers or a commission fee.

    5.  Time is precious so you can't afford to waste it on ineffective marketing tactics but you will only know which tactics are effective by tracking their results. æ marketing solutions can advise ways to help you track exactly how many clients come in from each marketing tactic, and advise the ways that are most efficient and therefore cost effective.


    Database Acquisition

    æ marketing solutions  can acquire data on your behalf which meets the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) requirements.


    We can also utilise your existing in-house database to provide a useful marketing tool.


    Contact us now for more details.

  • Marketing Planning

    Marketing Planning

    The marketing plan details the necessary actions to achieve one or more marketing objectives.  It can related to either a product or service, a brand or a product line.


    Marketing plans may be part of an overall business plan and a solid marketing strategy is the foundation of a well-written marketing plan. While the plan contains a list of actions, to be a valuable marketing tool it requires a sound strategic foundation.


    You will be unable to predict every movement in the market, every competitive action or every economic factor. You will need to make educated guesses to help quantify some factors or predict what is likely to happen in the future. This is the point in the plan to note that should they change significantly in the future you know when to adapt the plan. This could include things like assumptions over interest rates, or market size/trends.


    Contact æ marketing solutions now to write your marketing plan!

  • Marketing Communications

    Developing a Marketing Communications Plan

    Marketing communications (“marcoms”) include brochures, press releases, websites and presentations. The closeness of marcom planning to the customer makes it one of the most important activities that a company undertakes. Thoughtfully written marcom plans:


    Use one style across a vast number of products, regions, and customer interactions.

    Enable diverse teams of people to create integrated communications vehicles.

    Ensure your messages rise above the ‘noise’ of the marketplace and consistently resonate with your target audiences.

    Get better results for expenditures of time and money.

    Action Plan:


    1.   Research then decision-making to understand your:

    • Target audience profiles
    • Buying, selling, and communications processes


    2.   Armed with a solid understanding of your market, you then need to make a number of decisions:

    • Objectives - why?
    • Messages - what?
    • Vehicles  -  how?
    • Budget and schedule - when?


    Marcom plans can be focused at :

    • product level
    • product line level
    • company level (for example, company or brand image)
    • or any combination of the three.



    Points for consideration when preparing an effective marcom plan:

    • Ideally a plan should address each step in the communication process. However, this is dictated by budgets so requires prioritization.
    • It's often best to prioritize your weaker areas, eg. don't bother building awareness in a market where yours is already the preferred product/service.
    • Focus on the first half of the communication process for your newer products, and on the second half for established products.


    Contact æ marketing solutions now to write your marcom plan!


  • Promotional mix activities

    Promotional Strategy


    No matter how fantastic your product, how unique your service, customers are unlikely to beat a path to your door unprompted. Therefore promotional activity needs to be carried out to attract the right sort of business - in the right quantity - at the right time and to distinguish you from the competition.


    Promotion is not only about advertising your business, nor is it just about selling.


    It is pulling together a range of techniques in the most cost-effective way possible, to initiate, increase and sustain awareness to your customers. You may need to move your customers from total lack of awareness through to actually buying and buying again.


    The planning process offers the opportunity to carry out additional market research into your customers’ needs, your perceptions of the marketplace and how you could improve your product/service.


    The components that make up the Promotion element of the Marketing Mix are known as the 'Promotional Mix':


    • Public Relations
    • Advertising
    • Promotion
    • Packaging
    • Product – The products or services offered to your customer.  Their physical attributes, what they do, how they differ from your competitors and what benefits they provide.
    • Price – How you price your product or service so that your price remains competitive but allows you to make a profit.
    • Place – (this is also the distribution element).  Where your business sells its products or services and how it gets those products or services to your customers.
    • Promotion - The methods used to ‘advertise’ or communicate the features and benefits of your products or services to your target audience.


    Contact æ marketing solutions now to write and implement your promotional plan!

  • Website design, updates & SEO

    Website Design, Updates & SEO


    æ marketing solutions have a very close working relationship with a dedicated web designer who will understand your needs and requirements.  We can design and tailor a web package just for you that is both affordable and professional.


    The web developer has experience in all areas of web development from simple single page sites to complex database driven e-commerce sites.


    We can tailor our services and our prices to match your needs:


    Option A - Single Page

    Option B - Home Page + 1 other page

    Option C - Home Page + 4 other pages

    Option D - Content Management CMS - Customer and User Driven web site with unlimited page

    Option E - Ecommerce - Create, Sell and customise your products and pages easily and simply

    Option F - SEO advice and customisation - Get your website seen by all the major search engines

    Option G - Domain names and .com

    Option H - Web hosting



    Contact æ marketing solutions now to tailor your own unique package to suit you and your budget.

  • Printed collateral

    Printed Collateral


    Your company’s printed collateral communicates your product through a brand mark and colours used on your letterhead, business cards, brochures, posters, direct mail, catalogues –in fact, virtually anything that can be printed.


    A strong Brand Identity builds equity and increases brand value uniquely and cohesively, spanning logos, advertising, printed collateral, packaging, interactive experiences, broadcast and billboards.


    Advertising is the art of engaging your audience through a multi-faceted experience to introduce your product and brand and describe what it does.  Magazine and newspaper adverts, posters, banners, direct mail, radio and TV spots are all means of communicating with your audience.


    Packaging encompasses most 3-dimensional materials, such as product packaging, point-of-purchase display, labelling and wrapping vehicles. Apparel includes clothing, headwear and footwear.


    Contact æ marketing solutions now to tailor your own unique brand and printed collateral to suit you and your budget.

  • Event Management

    Event Management


    æ marketing solutions can plan, manage and execute your events.


    We can operate front of house or behind-the-scenes running the event and may be involved in more than just the planning and execution of the event, but also brand building, marketing and communication strategy. Functions such as the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events), exhibitions can be organised as well as conferences and seminars.


    At æ marketing solutions we have valuable experience in event management and launches and would be happy to help with any aspect including event design, presentation production, scriptwriting, budgeting, negotiation and, of course, client service.


    It is a multi-dimensional aspect of marketing.


    Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

  • Exhibitions & Trade Shows

    Exhibitions & Trade Shows


    Whether you wish to organise an exhibition or attend as an exhibitor æ marketing solutions can help.


    Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

  • Advertising



    'Any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identifiable sponsor' (American Marketing Association)


    Advertising is a universal marketing tool. It can be used to gain your customers' attention, attract customers' interest, create desire for your product and service and then prompt them to buy (satisfying the principles of AIDA).


    Direct mail can also be classed as an advertising activity.


    There are many ways to advertise your business and the opportunities are increasing. Adverts can be placed in local and/or national press, magazines and on the internet. Adverts can also be created for poster sites, radio, cinema and TV.


    However, it can also be as simple as dropping leaflets through doors in your conurbation, or placing posters in shop windows.

    Direct mail can be sent to potential customers, existing customers or lapsed customers.


    æ marketing solutions  can help you construct adverts but more ambitious campaigns we will use the services of an ad agency.


    To create your strategy we will need to establish:

    • The message you want to send.
    • The target audience you want to reach.


    We will then need to decide which type of activity will best reach your target audience and carry your message.


    Businesses often find impact can be significantly improved by repeating campaigns or running the same campaign in different media eg posters and leaflet drops.


    Contact us now for your advertising planning.

  • Public Relations (PR)



    At æ marketing solutions we understand the challenges small businesses and entrepreneurs face. During the day you’re the MD, bookkeeper and webmaster so it can be difficult to find the time to promote your small business when you’re ‘off duty’!


    The reality is, by issuing a simple news release you can help your small business grow faster – and that’s where æ marketing solutions  come into their own.


    Okay, so that's fine for Microsoft and Cadburys but who's interested in me and my small business - we hear you ask? The answer: thousands of media, investors and potential customers.


    Contact us now to discuss your PR requirements.

  • Creative Design

    Creative Design


    æ marketing solutions are competent at all aspects of marketing and promoting your business, but we also recognise that sometimes we need to call on our associates to help.


    Certain designs can be produced by us, but for the more specialised design requirements we will not hesitate to call in our professional partners.


    Working with tiny start-ups to more established SMEs we have the ability to create websites, design and print collateral and logos whilst recognising all our clients do different things and therefore have different requirements.


    Contact us today to discuss your requirements in detail.

  • Direct Marketing

    Direct Marketing


    One of the hardest tasks in marketing is to find good customers that will give you a good ROI (Return on Investment) in the short and long term. With the correct direct marketing plan it is possible to win better customers and increase their value over time.


    It is essential that marketing and sales effort is directed to where you can achieve the best outcome.  In order to do that you need to measure success and get the maximum return from every pound you spend. æ marketing solutions  will help you to build a new programme or improve existing campaigns.


    We will show you how to channel your resources to where they will achieve the best results, in turn affording you a better knowledge of your customer base, what they require and what they are worth to your business, so contact us now to discuss.

  • Brand & Corporate Identity

    Brand & Corporate Identity


    A powerful brand image is an essential part of your marketing strategy.


    Every company – even small ones - need to have a brand marketing strategy. In the marketplace these days just the perception of what your product or service can do is extremely important and can be a very effective method of attracting new customers and means of strengthening your brand to your existing ones.


    People buy brands based mainly on perception.


    You should consider if your company already has a firm brand image, if so was it by chance or design? The image of a company should reflect the personality and character of the product or service it provides, both physically and emotionally. The image you portray should differentiate your product or service from your competitors'.


    Contributory factors:

    • Strong customer service
    • Corporate Identity credibility
    • Brand convenience
    • Brand design


    First impressions need to convey the image you have chosen and should be reinforced with all your firm’s actions.  Presenting a clean, crisp business card creates a far better image than digging around for a bent or dirty card.  When visitors come to your business premises, an image is created by exterior signage, interior design, staff clothing and behaviour etc.  Make sure these aspects are all consistent.


    A brand takes time and effort to build.  Continual changes and appearances of brand will only serve to confuse customers.  Make sure you are consistent with clear images to create a powerful brand image and attract new customers.


    Contact æ marketing solutions to design or help build your brand.

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